Team Myriads IT Private Limited, together with its strong network of strategic business partners across world, offers a wide range of IT and ITES Services. Based in Nagpur from past Ten Years we are committed to provide Innovative & Quick Services to our Clients with minimum labor costs while maintaining Global Standards of Quality.

Team Myriads, strives to provide proper business channel to our esteemed global clients to enable them to outsource the non value added work and remain productive and competitive in their core business activities. We accept the responsibility for our conduct, while respecting the culture of every nation we work with and enhance the socio-economic relations among us through creative management. Having realized the importance of the concept of lean methods to improve the productivity and remain competitive in the manufacturing business, most of the enterprises irrespective of the business area emphasize the need to identify the non value added activities and to eliminate the same. In this contest, to remain productive and competitive in the core business, the companies around the world rely on the elongated supply chains. It is very important to identify the right process and right channel of partners.

Team Myriads is committed to meet or exceed customer expectation in quality, delivery and cost. As the level of their expectation increases every year, continuous quality improvement is critical to our success in the competitive marketplace. At Team Myriads we focus our efforts on solidifying partnerships with our customers. We continue to build strong relationships with Fortune 500 companies to ensure that the development of new products will succeed in record time while meeting their stringent requirements for quality.

This allows us to do business with larger customers as well as increase our business with our existing customers. Team Myriads believes that quality values must be internalized at every level of the organization. Our approach to communicating and implementing these values is one of encouragement, education and training rather than policing.

Ongoing education and individual support provide employees with the tools, confidence, and motivation they need to implement Team Myriads quality philosophy. Through Team Myriads quality training program, employees learn both the importance of quality and how to measure it. Committed to continually improving the quality and reliability of Team Myriads products and services.

We want our customers throughout the world to feel assured that our products and services will meet their diverse quality requirements. We continually improve our products, services and processes using our company-wide quality management system and Six Sigma methodology.

With the gained experience over the years, we possess the capabilities to support our business partners by assisting them to set up the third party call centers in any of the major Indian cities, provide them with excellent international inbound and out bound campaigns, assist them with the recruitment and training of agent and management. We make sure the smooth operations with high quality and productivity. We are staffed with a motivated team of young and dynamic professionals with immense international work experience and the capabilities to synchronize with the work pattern of American, European and Australian business practices, regulations, culture and social customs.


Committed to meet or exceed Customer expectation in Quality, Delivery and Cost.

Unmatched Creative and Technical know-how

Expertise in Electronic Security Services, Banking, Finance and Insurance Sectors.

Growing base of prestigious customers from diverse fields

Expert Team with excellent Linguistic capabilities, possess highest level of Professionalism with the awareness of Social and Cultural behaviors of East and West.